Things To Do In Colon

Colon, Michigan, has the most unique distinction of being the “Magic Capital Of The World.” There is no other place like it. It has an amazing history relating to famous magicians who have either lived in town or spent a lot of time in town plus four different establishments that manufacture and sell magic tricks. There are stars (like the Hollywood stars) in the sidewalk in remembrance of beloved magicians and the local cemetery is the place where more magicians have chosen to be buried than in any other place on earth. (A tour of the cemetery is a fascinating experience!)

In 2021 the new Grand Magic Theater opened in Colon so now, depending on the season, it is possible to take your family to a wonderful magic show.

The magical experience…

  • Walk the streets and see the stars in the sidewalk
  • Visit the magic stores
  • See the theaters
  • Take a walk through the cemetery and see the unique headstones and remembrances

The lake and river experience…

Apart from its magical heritage the first major attraction in relation to Colon is the lakes and rivers by which it is surrounded. The name “Colon” comes from how the town looks on the map. There is a short twisted river running through town that connects two lakes. On the map it looks somewhat like a Colon (not the punctuation mark, the other kind of Colon). For those who enjoy boating, swimming, water sports and fishing, Colon is a paradise.

  • Palmer Lake has a wonderful dock and park area right in town
  • Sturgeon Lake has a public access and beautiful park area right in town
  • See the little dam on the river that runs through town
  • The St. Joseph River is just north of town and great for kayaking, fishing and boating.

The Amish experience

Then there is the Amish tradition surrounding the community. Horse-drawn buggies are a regular sight in town. You might even see one pulling a boat and motor behind it. There are numerous stores in the area operated by Amish people with speciality and bargain items for sale.

Check Out..

  • Miller’s Discount Store 24029 Truckenmiller Rd, Centreville, MI (10 minutes from Colon.) Groceries, bulk spices, candy, cheese, glassware, baked goods, unique items. A gas-lit shopping experience
  • Yoder’s Country Market 375 Eleanor Dr. Centreville, MI (12 minutes from Colon) Meats, baked goods, bulk foods, cheese, crafted lawn furniture, variety items
  • Vern’s Surplus (5 miles west of Colon) All kinds of odds and ends
  • Sunrise Grocery (6 miles west of Colon) Grocery items, bulk food, organic food
  • Chupp’s Herbs and Fabrics (West then south of Colon. About 8 miles) Spices, fabric and much more

The regional Experience…

  • Shipshewana! (About 45 minutes from Colon). You can easily spend a full day or more at the massive flea market, numerous Amish stores, abundant craft and outlet stores and entertainment venues. It is an easy drive from Colon and somewhat like a “step back in time.” Old fashioned values, horses and buggies on the street, busy commerce and good clean fun. We recommend that you simply drive down there and see what you find!
  • The Covered Bridge and park. North of Centreville, Michigan. (Just 10 – 15 minutes from Colon.) The largest covered bridge in Michigan. Great photo op and nice park.
  • The “Antique Highway” in Quincy, Michigan, (about 35 minutes from Colon). A long stretch of highway 12 with many antique shops along the way!
  • Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary in Athens, Michigan. (Just 17 minutes from Colon). That’s right, real alligators. Lots of them! Here in Michigan. (Only open summer months)
  • Binder Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan (about 40 minutes from Colon). Open April through October. Lots of fun animals to see!
  • The historic Tibbits Opera house in Coldwater, Michigan (about 20 minutes from Colon). A beautiful building. Theatrical and musical productions on a regular basis.
  • The Capri Drive-In Movie theater. That’s right, an old-fashioned drive=in movie theater. Sit in your car and watch the show. Located in Coldwater, Michigan. (20 minutes from Colon.)
  • The American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan (about 45 minutes from Colon). An amazing collection of history and memorabilia relating to magic shows and magicians. Historic props. Posters and apparatus. A most unusual and wonder-full place to visit

The extended experience (with 60 minutes of Colon)…

– Numerous golf courses
– Outlet malls
– Regular shopping malls
– Historic sites

Battle Creek Michigan is just 40 minutes away
Kalamazoo Michigan is just 40 minutes away
Three Rivers Michigan is just 35-40 minutes away
Sturgis, Michigan is 15-20 minutes away
Coldwater, Michigan is 15-20 minutes away