About Duane Laflin

Duane Laflin is an internationally awarded performer who specializes in family-friendly entertainment. In South Africa Duane Laflin was honored as a guest instructor at the Siegfried & Roy College Of Magic, in Singapore he was recognized as a Star of Magic, in Mexico City he received the Illusionist Award.  The prestigious Magic Circle, located in London, England, has honored him with the highest status a performing magician can receive.  He has been made a Member Of The Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star.

 For many years his wife Mary was his partner on stage. The dean of the Society Of American Magicians has named Mary Laflin on his top list of ten magician’s assistants.  At this stage in life she is general manager of Grand Magic operations and applies her expertise to training assistants who presently work with Duane on stage.

Together Duane and Mary have performed on five continents, in eighteen countries of the world and in forty-seven of the fifty states in the USA. For three seasons the Laflins performed at the Magic Beyond Belief theater in Pigeon Forge, TN, before moving on to establish the Grand Magic theater near Mt. Rushmore in Custer, South Dakota. Over the seven years they were there, their show consistently received five-star ratings from Trip Advisor.  It was a top-rated attracton in the region. Currently, from their home-base in Hollister, Missouri, the Laflins are touring with their Grand Magic show.